When it comes to cruising, most of the tourists prefer Caribbean, Mediterranean, and American destinations. However, an itinerary on an Alaska cruise, according to those who have experienced, is the most rewarding journey whose excitement is augmented with the blend of thrill. The snowy region of Alaska has not only glaciers to offer, but it has also other visually striking sights amidst its pristine wilderness such as whale swimming and marine parks.

If you compare an Alaska cruise journey to a cruise to Caribbean tour, the very first point of distinction will be weather where the latter features warm weather as well as tropical waters, while the former has cold weather with untouched wilderness scattered right at the globe’s northern edge. Despite the presence of many other sights and activities, the main draw of an Alaska cruise is to spot glaciers – a sight that is unrivaled.

A majority of the ships start from Vancouver or Seattle besides beginning from Alaska itself for giving you a freezing white experience right from some days to 1.5 weeks. Among all the sites, a discovery of the Inside Passage offers many fantastic vistas, which is located along the southeast panhandle’s coast. No matter what others say, I have experienced that the Alaska cruise tour is the most valuable way to explore the natural charm from the sea and on land. The tours that are of 3 to 18 days will definitely fulfill your this expectation along with leisure mixed with luxury as well as a land stay. Some of the tours also offer traveling inland via a bus taking you via the grand vistas, cities, towns, historical sites, and animals in their natural habitat. One of the must take deal is an excursion to the Denali National Park that is some 100 miles from Fairbanks making it far from water and offers the best of the vistas along with those of Mount McKinley.

I am sure you would like to know about the best time for an Alaska cruising tour. The reality is that it is totally up to you. The cruising season is from May to September during which the weather is warm, the sun is fully seen shinning, and the entire terrain seems to be alive. On the other hand, spring brings up blooming wildflowers and melting snow water flooding the rivers; while late summer/autumn offer convincing vistas of golden lands as well as changing leaves. To sound logical, the mid of the cruise season will be relatively costly than the beginning as well as the end of the tourist season. However, the cheap rates would mean fewer days amidst the cooler weather. So, a wise conclusion is to go for what works best as per the schedule and budget. So, if you prefer warmer weather, be prepared with some layers, as the high temperature in July is 64 degrees in Juneau.

Are you confused in choosing a small or big Alaska cruise? It is true that the ships are of different sizes, but it is your personal preference that will make you select the best one for you. Between the two, the larger ones are more famous as they offer many forms of onboard entertainment right from pool fun to rock climbing. However, they are also more packed, but offer more organized trips. On the other hand, the smaller ships have fewer passengers and provide a more personalized trip, offers close vistas of animals, and routes off the beaten path. So, choose a small ship if you want less crowd and more adventures. I hope this will aid you in planning your ideal Alaska cruise itinerary.