Bora Bora is one of those places that most people have heard of but are not really sure why it is so familiar. The ancient name for the island was “Pora Pora,” which translates as “first born.” It sits in the Pacific Ocean and is one of the French Polynesian islands, owned by the French. The center of the island has two peaks of black rock, which are remnants of a long, extinct volcano. In 2008, the permanent population was recorded as 8,880. An aerial view shows the island standing in the center of a lagoon created by the surrounding barrier reef, which only has one breech to allow access. One result of this is that there is very little produced on the island that does not come from the sea or from coconuts. The world famous luxury hotels and resorts in Bora Bora are in one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the entire world.

As a tropical island, there are only two seasons and those are wet and dry. The quieter season for tourists is the wet, (November through April), as three quarters of the rain that falls, happens then. There are frequent short but dramatic storms and lots of cloud covers. During the dry season, (May through October), it is very hot and there is no noticeable drop in temperature during the night. Winds are a constant feature on the islands and hurricanes have been known to occur here but are not frequent. The weather and storms are constantly monitored and this information is available online for anyone to check.

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The lagoon that surrounds Bora Bora allows an unusual attraction to exist on the island, called the Lagoonarium. An experienced guide will take you to swim amongst all the amazing creatures that live in these waters, (up to 500 species.) This includes some favorites, namely turtles, dolphins, rays and the odd harmless shark. There are other exhibitions and activities going on all day here making it a day trip to remember. You do not have to visit to see all the wildlife. There are glass bottom boats, snorkeling, scuba diving and plenty of other ways to enjoy the view. The dry season has better visibility for scuba divers. Humpback whales also visit the waters outside of the reef and trips can be taken to see them.

Bora Bora is one of the islands in French Polynesia where the world famous ‘Tahitian Pearls’ come from and once had the nickname, ‘the pearl of the Pacific.’ These pearls are renowned for their quality and are revered by celebrities and pearl collectors alike. The pearls became known as the ‘pearl of queens and queen of pearls’ after they were used in pieces of jewelry for royalty. Although the pearls come in many different shades it is the Black Pearl that is the most prized. Today, this is a big industry for the island and the oysters are farmed. Legend has it that the pearls are given as a sign of eternal love and the jewelers of the island specialize in making jewels that show off their beauty.

Getting around the island is not difficult. There are bicycles for hire that are a really good way to appreciate the shades of colors in the lagoon and hiking is also popular. Guides are available if you want to hear the history and stories of the island. Details will be available from the staff at the luxury hotels Bora Bora offers.

The interior of the island has some interesting places to visit if you need a break away from the water. You can either get there with a bicycle or hire a 4×4 vehicle. Motu Tapu is a wild and unspoilt area. There are archaeological sites, including Marae, a Polynesian open-air temple used in ancient times for religious or cultural ceremonies. There are also the remnants of the guns left after World War II. The Marine Museum has models of old and famous ships.

This is one place that is used to catering for celebrities and the luxury hotels in Bora Bora contain the spa and health centers that help to keep the most demanding guest happy. Massage, reflexology and beauty treatments are the perfect way to round off your stay.