If you’re reading this, then you are probably planning a stag party in Budapest. There are lots of perks to look forward to; you get cheap drinks, stunning women, open-air beer gardens, and try some exciting activities. Partying or pub crawl in Budapest is one of these activities, and you can’t do much better than District Seven, home to the world-famous Ruin Bars. These are former courtyards, squares, factories, and other buildings that were in ruins for the longest time, but which have now transformed into quirky, cozy, exciting bars. Outlined below are some of the best spots you can consider for your big stag night while in Budapest:

Budapest District Seven

Peaches ‘n’ Cream

Only open during the weekend – Fridays and Saturdays – this fun hub is located right in the heart of “downtown” Budapest. It has an opulent and luxurious atmosphere with its high-end drinks, exclusive lounges, and an elite clientele of thrill-seekers. The vibe here is also less edgy than most, and you’re likely going to hear a lot of R’n’B getting played. This pub has two bars, live music, and no beer garden.

Peaches Cream Budapest

FogasHaz Complex

FogasHaz is the largest ruin bar complex in Budapest, and one of the largest nightclubs in Europe. It has a quirky irregular vibe, and the multicolored psychedelic atmosphere in this party-space gets you easily pumped for fun. The beers here are cheap, so you can take advantage of the four bars available and drink all the beer you can handle, and more. There is a cool beer garden terrace, live music is available, and opening hours are every day of the week, from dusk to dawn.

Fogashaz Budapest


Doboz is another vast space, which has a large capacity that welcomes and easily contains up to 3,000 visitors every day. There are eight party rooms, and they each play different kinds of music. Here comes the exciting part. You can find the oldest tree (300 years) in this area here, and there’s a giant metal gorilla sculpture climbing its branches. The first person to spot this gorilla gets a drink on the house. There are four bars, a beer garden, live music, and Doboz is open every day of the week.

doboz budapest

Szimpla Kert

It is often said that this ruin bar is “szimply exquisite!” A former factory, it has unusual bric-a-brac lining on its walls and ceiling, lending it that grungy vibe. Aside from its status as a ruin bar, Szimpla Kert is a favorite venue for live music, theatre shows, and it can even be an open-air cinema. Also adding to its eccentric decor is the use of sawn-off Trabant cars as seats in the courtyard. This joint is open only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. There are two bars and a beer garden, too.


Bar Pharma

If you immediately thought of chemistry on seeing that name, you would not be far from the truth. Bar Pharma is undoubtedly not your average ruin bar. Here, instead of beers, you get cocktails with a twist. The decor features periodic tables all around, at the bar there are ready-made unique shots in medicine bottles. Bar Pharma is a very casual bar, no need for any fancy dressing. There is live music, just one bar, and this fun dive is open every day of the week.

Bar Pharma budapest

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