Regarded as the largest cruise line on the planet, the Carnival cruise lines call their ships as ‘Fun Ships’ that are affordable, full of highly lifted fun, and are meant for the people of all ages. Operating since 1972, Carnival is the most successful floating line on which anyone would love to experience a real Vegas lifestyle – flashy and full of endless excitement. Despite the fact that there is no luxury promise as Carnival ships are for the average person, the quality of the chores, cuisine, as well as cabins is really good.

Cruise ships

There are some 22 in operation such as Dream (2009), Splendor (2008), Freedom (2007), Liberty (2005), Valor and Miracle (2004), Glory (2003), Legend, Pride, and Conquest (2002), Spirit (2001), Victory (2000), Triumph (1999), Paradise and Elation (1998), Destiny and Inspiration (1996), Imagination (1995), Fascination (1994), Sensation (1993), Ecstasy (1991), and Fantasy (1990).


The ships mostly take one to the Caribbean and Bahamas from many American ports such as Los Angeles, Miami, and New Orleans. In addition, you can also visit Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera, and New England/Atlantic Canada.

Passengers for the Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival has made its ships in such a way that it can offer something interesting to all ages. The fact that it has been dubbed as ‘fun’ indicates the place for the young; but the truth is that even the kids and 45+ people throng the ship. It is recommended for first time cruisers, singles, backpackers, and multi-generational families. However, if you want a calm one with personal attention, do not go for this one.
Accommodations and cabins

There are several cabin categories that meet the look and feel of every type – outside with windows that cannot be opened, inside without any window, suites, and rooms with balconies. If your choosing the smallest cabin, even that is spacious enough to accommodate two people. Surprisingly, in contrast with the smaller cabins of the Carnival and suites on other cruise lines, the expensive suites are not that spacious. However, there are cabins for 3 or 4 people. In common, each cabin is air conditioned, have queen or two twin beds, and offer a basket of bath amenities.

All the ships of the Carnival cruise lines are equipped with non-smoking main dining zones, buffet style or fast food eateries, and alternative smaller restaurants demanding reservation for an additional fee. Expect standardized menus with two or more seatings, large tables, and active atmosphere along with the parades of singing and dancing waiters.

Onboard entertainment

Think of a summer camp meant for al ages and you know the entertainment secret of the Carnival cruise lines. So, expect dance lessons, bingo, movies, art auctions, shopping in the boutiques, and other excellent shows as seen in Las Vegas. Many of them are such that they will charge you for their appealing features.

Common areas

Designed by Joe Farcus, the interiors as well as the decor are highly innovative and that they leave nothing to boost the ambiance of fun. The décor features wild bright color combinations. Each ship of this line boasts a theme to stimulate you for endless fun!
Fitness and spa

On the Carnival ships, you will definitely find the spa as well as fitness facilities operated by Steiner. A few exercise classes will not bear any extra cost, while some will demand for extra fees. Coming to the spas, they are effective with the treatment rooms, steam rooms, saunas, and whirlpools. Further, also expect three swimming pools of which one comes with a slide, ping pong, golf pro, volleyball, and shuffleboard.

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