Established in the suburb of Miami called Doral, the Carnaal Cruise Corporation guarantees a memorable itinerary of cruising the Mediterranean as well as the Caribbean Sea. The Carnival cruise ships are dubbed as ‘Fun ships’ due to the endless fun offered via the multitude of activities for all ages. Sailing to some of the most enchanting as well as exotic ports, the cruises have the record of touring the maximum number of cruise passengers besides the other superlative honors of being the largest as well as most booming of all the cruise lines. The tour duration ranges from 3 to 16 days with other options in between. So, it is obvious that there are many Carnival cruise ships. However, they are categorized into classes as per the passenger strength, gross tonnage, and length; which range from the smaller Fantasy class featuring length of around 855 feet to the Dream class that possess 1,000-foot long vessels.

Destiny class

This class is the holder of the only ship of the same name, Carnival Destiny made in 1996. When this ship first stepped on the sea canvas for drawing the exciting routes to some enticing ports, it was the planet’s largest passenger vessel with regards to the gross tonnage. The length being 893 feet, the Carnival Destiny can carry 2,642 passengers even today and a majority of them sail on the Caribbean Sea.

Triumph class

Encouraged by the Destiny class, the Triumph class boasts somewhat parallel qualifications with regards to the passenger capacity as well as length. If you compare the two classes, you will find only one difference that is the extra deck found on the Triumph ships. But, the fact is that the Triumph ships sailing in the Caribbean overshadow the ships of the Destiny by some 1,000 gross tons. Within the Triumph class, two Carnival cruise ships exists namely, Carnival Liberty and Carnival Triumph.

Fantasy class

Within the Carnival fleet, this class is considered among the largest cruise ship classes; which encompasses eight ships. All of these vessels are functioning even today despite the fact that they were set in the early 1990s after the now resting ships of the Holiday class. The ships in this class can carry 2,050 passengers and are mostly 855 feet long. Out of the total ships, six of them namely, the Fantasy, Fascination, Inspiration, Ecstasy, Sensation, and Imagination hold the ‘Owner’s Suite’ that is 1,100 square-foot in size and meant for luxury living only after reservation.

Spirit class

This class also holds eight ships like the Fantasy class, but these vessels are quite young comparatively, as they were just born in the early 2000s. With the widening length of around 960 feet, the ships in the class can hold 2,600 passengers besides being the capable hosts of 12 decks. Among all the Carnival cruise ships, the ships of the Spirit class boast the shortest smokestacks along with the minimum gross tonnage ranging from 88,000 to 92,000.

Dream class

This is the class of two ships of which one named Carnival Magic is under construction while the other is the Carnival Dream as of fall 2010. As compared to the Spirit class ships, the Dream class’ only ship is the largest of its kind to be ever designed by Carnival line with the gross tonnage of more than 130,000, passenger capacity of more than 3,600, and length of 1,004 feet. The year 2009 marked its birth year. On Carnival Dream, passengers love to live in the state rooms that come with the private whirlpool tubs. The Carnival Magic was expected to sail for the first time in the summer of 2011.