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Cruises from Baltimore: The cheapest ones

Cruises from Baltimore are mostly scheduled to take the passengers to the Bahamas, Bermuda, and eastern Caribbean. Most of them start from the harbor of which the cheap ones offer 5- to 9-day tours including the round trip. There is no special time of departure; so expect cruises from Baltimore throughout the year with the ports of call such as Port Canaveral and Key West in Florida, Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico as well as Haiti in the Caribbean. So, if you are looking for something easy on pocket tours, choose these cruises that feature cultural tours, outdoor activities, and sunshine relaxation. Listed below are some of the cheapest cruises from Baltimore.

Celebrity cruises: Obtaining the best of this trip

Celebrity cruises, as against their mass-market sister Royal Caribbean cruises, are just a foot ahead in terms of intimacy, enjoyment, and services. As the name suggest, a Celebrity cruise is an ecstatic means that is evaluated to be between worth and opulence. If you are planning for a vacation on one of the Celebrity cruises, it is necessary to have knowledge of what to do aboard so that you get the most out of your cruise trip.

Celebrity Cruises Alaska: Off-ship entertainment

Alaska is known for its natural beauty featuring fjords, glaciers, and wildlife; which is best explored by a cruise. The most prominent cruise line is the Celebrity Cruises Alaska. There are total three ships of this line that take you on a tour of Alaska. These are namely, Century, Millennium, and Infinity. The Celebrity Century offers 7-night tour starting from Vancouver (Canada) and features suites, balcony cabins, inside cabins, and ocean vista cabins whose rates start from $899. On the other hand, the Celebrity Millennium offers 7- to 14-night tour from Vancouver and features the same cabin rooms as above from $2215. Lastly, the Celebrity Infinity offers 7- or 10- night tour from Seattle with same room options whose rates start from $785.

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