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Explore the Far East by Sea – Cruises to Eastern Asia

Cruises offer such luxury on board, to many the journey is every bit as enjoyable as the destinations. But to add to the luxury and enjoyment, where better to go than the exotic Far East?

Cruise deals: How to get a cheap one

Cruising is one of the smart ways to explore a destination or a set of destinations. It is just an exciting activity to travel and spend time with your family without worrying about the usual issues that one faces by entering into different nation/prefecture of the world. However, not all cruise deals are within your means as there are luxurious ones too. So, your first step in planning for a fruitful cruise vacation is to find about the cheap cruise deals. Now, if the term ‘cheap’ is what you want to experience irrespective of desiring to cruise after a year from now or seeking for the last minute cruises, the best way is to look for a discount cruise. Yes, especially, if you look for those last minute cruise deals wherein the 75% of the cruise suites are not booked, you really get a heavy discount making your cruising really cheap. For example, this is always the case with the carnival cruises. And as per my experience, I would say that now a days, discounts are heavily offered to those who book online. But before doing that, you also need to look at the following concerns.

Best cruise Destinations for Cruise vacation

Cruise is amazing experience of vacation. One place to have all the entertainment, leisure, services, activities, things to do, amenities, facilities and so much more and that is cruise. The popularity of going on cruise has increased. Ranking down below is the destinations which you must go for the cruise vacation. This ranking is based in quality rather than proximity of destination from traveller’s home. Best cruise Destination for going on Cruise vacations are:


This is ultimate place for cruise well that is how it is more convenient to go to Antarctica. You will be astonished when you will see the penguin colonies. And all the time you will be in state of awe when you will see high glacier cliffs and the calving icebergs. Though the cost to cruise in Antarctica is too high, but it’s worth for it. Best time is from mid December to that in late February. No cruise operates from month of March to the September as these months are of Antarctic Winter.

Royal Caribbean cruise deals from New York/New Jersey

There are several Royal Caribbean cruise deals starting from the different American ports, but those from New York or New Jersey are plenty to choose from. You might think that more options mean more confusion, but this problem no longer exists if you know what you want. And to that, if you get varieties, you can obtain the best of the Royal Caribbean cruise deals.

Dance with Shrek and Fiona

Shrek, Fiona, talking donkey, Pussycat in Boots, Kung Fu Panda and many more characters will cruise along with you. Movies are one of the main form of entertainment in our lives. So much that directors keep on making sequels of the movies. We get so attached to certain characters of movie that we cry, laugh and even share our lives with them. Especially kids who love to take their favourite character to bed with them. Even in birthdays the theme of party is as per their favourite cartoon. And animated movie characters like shrek, Poe, Fiona, lion of Madagascar and its other animals are favourites.

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