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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines: Cooking at Sea

Vacationing foodies can now choose from a range of culinary experiences aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. Royal Caribbean International is partnering with renowned Chefmakers Cooking Academy, a cooking school dedicated to aspiring home cooks of all ages, to bring unique cooking programs to guests, who can share in fond family vacation memories and learn practical skills that can be applied day-to-day

Discovery Cruise for the Panama Canal

Offered by several tour operators, the discovery cruise takes on the tour of the for the Panama Canal for at least two weeks including halts at various nations as well as islands. We all know that the man-made Panama Canal is a 51-mile long channel of water that passes via the Panama to link the Pacific with the Atlantic due to which now there is no need to navigate for 18,000 miles around South America.

Cruises from Baltimore: The cheapest ones

Cruises from Baltimore are mostly scheduled to take the passengers to the Bahamas, Bermuda, and eastern Caribbean. Most of them start from the harbor of which the cheap ones offer 5- to 9-day tours including the round trip. There is no special time of departure; so expect cruises from Baltimore throughout the year with the ports of call such as Port Canaveral and Key West in Florida, Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico as well as Haiti in the Caribbean. So, if you are looking for something easy on pocket tours, choose these cruises that feature cultural tours, outdoor activities, and sunshine relaxation. Listed below are some of the cheapest cruises from Baltimore.

Off-Shore Casinos: The best cruises for gamblers

The majority of people today will choose to either gamble at an online casino or a land based venue. On the other hand, for those winning a little bit more out of their gambling experience, a casino cruise might be the perfect option.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line: Features

Taking its passengers around the world, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line features fun for all irrespective of one’s age. This is ensured via its different ship courses for selection, more than 100 ports to dock, a multitude of staterooms, an array of entertainment onboard, and a dedicated club for the regular/frequent passengers. With such flexibility of customization, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line caters completely to the needs of their cruisers right from the first step in to the last step out. In this article, I will introduce some of its worth knowing features before you book any of its ships.

Royal Caribbean ships: Traveling tips aboard

A cruising vacation is always enchanting for all of us, but holidays on any of the Royal Caribbean ships are a perfect gateway to not only relaxation, but also to escapade. Through them, you get a chance to explore the different destinations from another angle where joy, luxury, and comfort unlike the backpacking adventures embrace you all the time. In this article dedicated to the Royal Caribbean ships, I will share with you some of the ‘my ways’ to enjoy on the ship without any distraction.

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