Alaska is known for its natural beauty featuring fjords, glaciers, and wildlife; which is best explored by a cruise. The most prominent cruise line is the Celebrity Cruises Alaska. There are total three ships of this line that take you on a tour of Alaska. These are namely, Century, Millennium, and Infinity. The Celebrity Century offers 7-night tour starting from Vancouver (Canada) and features suites, balcony cabins, inside cabins, and ocean vista cabins whose rates start from $899. On the other hand, the Celebrity Millennium offers 7- to 14-night tour from Vancouver and features the same cabin rooms as above from $2215. Lastly, the Celebrity Infinity offers 7- or 10- night tour from Seattle with same room options whose rates start from $785.

Celebrity cruises Alaska offers a majority of the onboard activities, food, and shows, but at the same time; it also allows you to pick from the myriad of off-shore activities that is available at extra price. These are offered as per the Alaskan ports of call each of which have different activities right from mild to arduous so that you can have maximum fun as per your level of skills.

For those who do not want to be adventurous, the Celebrity cruises Alaska offers many activities that involve a little or no physical doings. For example, the sightseeing trips that are mostly available at each port and in Alaska one such famous tour is the Ketchikan’s Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour wherein you can embark a crab boat featuring an indoor amphitheater that is heated as well as an educational tour of the fishing as well as crabbing industry. Another relaxing option is the special dinner that is offered as a mild activity on any port of call. For example, in Fairbanks, the Alaskan Salmon Bake Dinner offers a rare experience of this popular national tradition to the participants.

If you are from those who do not want to exert more, but would love some moderate physical activities, then you have a lot to do. Moderate activities involve a short hike as well as a bit adventurous excursions. One of the most famous moderate activities is the Ketchikan’s Alaskan Bear Adventure wherein a flight on a floatplane is followed by half a mile walk up to a vantage spot for spotting bears. One more option is to go for the ATV Expedition that is the best attraction of the Icy Strait Point wherein you travel a 4×4 Kawasaki Mule in the Chicago Island. This is a bit challenging as you ride through the rugged mountainous landscape. So, people with back or neck issues or those ladies who are going to become mothers should avoid this nature tour.

If you are a very physically active person and would like to try out the most challenging activities, look for strenuous activity while you book your Celebrity Cruise for Alaska. Although a moderate one, the above stated ATV Expedition can be made strenuous by adding the ZipRider that is the planet’s longest zip riding challenge. Another option is the Ocean Raft together with the Sitka’s 4×4 for exposing the treasures, both by land and on sea, of a volcanic mountain. Do experience the thrill of ascending at the speed of 50 mph for spotting the volcanic shore followed by the 4×4 outing until the crater.

Alaska is definitely a place to visit once in a lifetime. Its natural wonders like glaciers challenge you for a climb, its lush landscapes await you for exploring its wildlife, and the people welcome to participate in the competitions such as dog sledging. No wonder there are other ways to explore this snowy terrain, but nothing is as exciting as a cruise tour.

For the Alaska cruises, June is the busiest month as the climate is suitable and the weather is quite pleasant with warm vibes. Especially during this time, Southeast Alaska gets transformed into a cultural or thrilling playground where the waterways as well as towns are filled with the joy of different activities. Among these, a lot are effectually recreational, although seasonal. In this month of the year, you must not miss a tour of Hubbard Glacier or Glacier Bay where the sparkling summer sun rays on the glacier surfaces open the doors of many thrilling contests.