Celebrity cruises, as against their mass-market sister Royal Caribbean cruises, are just a foot ahead in terms of intimacy, enjoyment, and services. As the name suggest, a Celebrity cruise is an ecstatic means that is evaluated to be between worth and opulence. If you are planning for a vacation on one of the Celebrity cruises, it is necessary to have knowledge of what to do aboard so that you get the most out of your cruise trip.

Prior to the Cruise

First of all, plan in what way you want to spend time on your cruise vacation. This will aid you in selecting the desired one among the several Celebrity cruises. Once you know your date of cruising, just do not miss to reserve for dining, spa, and ship-to-shore excursions online and that too only on the company’s Web site. Just keep in mind that in your ticket price, although meals are included, soft drinks are not. And yes, prior to the three days of the departure, follow the check-in system online to prevent being the part of the long lines at the port. Further, if you are taking valuables on the cruise, I would suggest insuring them. This is because the cruise line is not responsible for any kind of such compensation although they do help in finding for them.

Things to take

It is a thumb rule that on a Celebrity cruise, you should look like a celebrity. So, it is obvious that the dress code will be something very stylish or like a 5-star resort wear. So, during winters, the apt wears would be business casual clothing, an umbrella, gloves, rain coat, and waterproof hat. On the other hand, during the warm days, walking shorts, business casual shirts, tops, lightweight slacks, skirts, and cover-ups while not in the pool are the options. And yes, you should not forget too carry proper deck shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat along with the regular medicines if any as well as the first aid. I am sure you know why. However, things like alcohol, weapons, illegal drugs, electrical appliances, and flammable items are banned to be carried on the ship. So, just do not think for any of them
Just before entering the ship

It is necessary for you to adhere to the online check-in at least before three days of your cruise date or to go for the check in activity at the port before two hours of the actual timing of the departure. Are you driving to the port? Well, then look for those parking garages close by, which provide shuttle service until the departure gate or inquire at your hotel’s reception for the shuttle service.

Just ensure that you always carry all your boarding documents such as boarding pass and passport along with the others that guarantee your re-entry to the nation from where you get on the ship. After being on the ship, a Seapass card is given to you, which acts as your ID for stepping in and out of the ship as well as a credit card for deducting the purchases’ cost.
Communication on the ship

Celebrity Cruises are well equipped with the roaming network so that you can use your mobile even when you are amidst the ocean or sea water. It is obvious that the roaming charges will apply as per your service provider’s network. Alternatively, if you do not have mobile, ship-to-shore calls are possible to be made from your room or anybody can make call to the ship for which the charges are $7.95 per minute.

There is also an Internet café that is open all 24 hours on the ship, which offers the minutes package or separately, 65 cents a minute. And yes, you can write letters, send packages, and post the cards from the ports of call and that you too can receive packages at a port.
Activities on the ship

Take dinner in the specialty eatery, such as Murano on the Century, stay in a cabin with a balcony, attend a lecture onboard by the fixed two guests, rejuvenate yourself in the AquaSpa featuring the Thalassotherapy pool as well as a Persian-style garden, and take your kids to the X-Club Youth Program for 3 to 17 ones featuring games, meals, shore excursions, evening dance, and much more.