Belonging to the Carnival Corporation, Costa cruises comprise of 12 big vessels all of which feature a Continental finesse. These ships are offered by the company in Genoa and basically the itineraries include Northern Europe, South America, the Eastern as well as Western Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Indian Ocean and Seychelles. The most remarkable feature of the Costa cruises is the lustrously chic design soaked in gracious Italian vibes. Costa Cruises, a cruise line of an Italian company, is in the line to introduce four more ships by 2012. Since 1948 when its first passenger ship successfully reached Buenos Aries from Genoa, the cruise line has managed to attract as well as accommodate annually a total of one million guests. Most of the times, these cruises are chosen by a majority of the passengers who wish to go on a tour of the Caribbean ports.

Eastern Caribbean cruise ports

There are a number of Eastern Caribbean cruise packages offered by Costa cruises: 7-day cruise to the Virgin Islands, Bahamas from Miami; Antilles cruise halting at the ports in St. Maarten, Antigua, and Barbados; and cruise to Dominican Republic with the ports of call such as Road Town in the British Virgin Islands, Cockburn in the Grand Turks, and Casa de Campo in the Dominican.

Western Caribbean cruise ports

Vacations along the western Caribbean include visits to Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands as well as Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Even for this side, there is a 7-day cruise that starts from Miami and stops at Jamaica, Ocho Rios, Cozumel in Mexico, and Grand Cayman.

Features/Must do things for the Costa cruise fun

If you are planning to book any of the Costa cruises, here are some tips for you so that you get the most of your spend. First of all, learn basic some Italian words and sentences as the Costa cruises bears an Italian style theme and so offers Italian language classes onboard no matter which ship you go for. After learning, implement them in chatting in the dining room or on the cabin steward, as a majority of the staff is Italian. ‘Cruising Italian Style’ is the theme of the cruise line due to which on the ship, you will encounter those typical teak-appointed cabins adorned by the designers of Milan as well as Italian restaurants/cuisine along with a cheerful staff.

Keeping the same theme in mind, there is a lot to see on the ship that will seem to you as a small museum dedicated to art. On the ships, you can admire the splendid collection of the modern, but original Italian artwork. Even if you are not a fan of art, it is still worth to spend some minutes looking after these master pieces.

If you are on the Costa ship, do not leave without rejuvenating in the Samsara Spa. I would suggest going for the newer Costa cruises that offer a state-of-the-art spa for nurturing your health and wellness via relaxation treatments, massages, big fitness center, and a hydrotherapy pool. For a more pampering experience, register for a Samsara Suite where the room is directly linked to the spa.

If you have kids with you, sign up for the Costa Kids Club where a myriad of programs are offered just for children between 3 and 17. Split as per the age groups, the program for free features a plethora of activities and food – right from karaoke to pizza. And yes, if you are on a 7-night cruise, you can take the advantage of two kids-only dinners.

So, Costa cruises are full of great fun irrespective of the destination you choose. Just regularly browse the Internet to know about the discount deals and other offers. And yes, it would be good to book online as you can get good discounts for that.