Shrek, Fiona, talking donkey, Pussycat in Boots, Kung Fu Panda and many more characters will cruise along with you. Movies are one of the main form of entertainment in our lives. So much that directors keep on making sequels of the movies. We get so attached to certain characters of movie that we cry, laugh and even share our lives with them. Especially kids who love to take their favourite character to bed with them. Even in birthdays the theme of party is as per their favourite cartoon. And animated movie characters like shrek, Poe, Fiona, lion of Madagascar and its other animals are favourites.

Cruise with these characters will be so exciting and fun, so much so that smile and twinkle in one’s eye will never leave till the time you depart from the cruise. The photos taken will definitely bring smiles back. For such amazing times, fond memories you must experience trip of cruise with the Royal Caribbean with the Dreamworks experience.

The perfect setting for family vacation, a wonderful adventure, unforgettable memories while sailing with Royal Caribbean International Dreamworks Animation where you get to share with characters from Madagascar, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda. These are trademarks of the Dreamworks Animation. Discover new ports, enjoy the holidays on board along with these favourite characters.  Whole family will enjoy, because there is something for everyone, kids, young and young at heart people. The innovative ship, its superb itinerary, high seas, amenities, facilities, state of art suites, cabins and intricate decors and fine dining and Dreamwork experience and its all-inclusive in the cruise fares.

Get yourself clicked with your favourite characters, not an everyday thing. You may kiss a princess Fiona, may be fight with Poo of Kung Fu Panda, or shake your booty with all of them. Photo must be taken as your friends will not believe you when you will keep on talking about the fun you had on board. Show off and you have right to after your cruise trip on Royal Caribbean cruises. On board you will take part in parade with these characters, all moments filled with antics from your favourites, astonishing parade will leave you will double laughter. On Allure of Seas you get an amazing experience of ice skating with a twist. Ice, fire breathing dragons and ice skating wow! From the movie How to train your dragons, it’s the highlight of the vacation on Allure of Seas. Madagascar Aqua show is one more exciting entertainment where Alex, Gloria, will mingle you, while you’re high diving or swimming. Also there is acrobats show. In all a total blast!

Even your meal time is fun, when these characters will show up at your tables and play shenanigans with you all. There are story times, dance parties and many other activities where they will make surprise appearances. Adventure Ocean is such a program filled with exciting activities. Laughter, and excitement will be brimming. There is 3D theatre showing the movies of Dreamworks with enhance experience which will make you feel part of the action on going on screen. Also you can see those movies in television of your stateroom.

In all a wonderful time for family and kids as parents can have some time for themselves when kids are enjoying on board. The amenities and facilities on board are excellent such that adults have equal fun with their kids.