The river Danube is the second-longest river in Europe, but many beautiful places are found in Budapest by the river. Going on a Danube river cruise will allow you to view all these beautiful places. There are a daytime and night time cruise on the Danube river, whichever you choose, you are assured of a good time.

danube cruise budapest

Danube Daytime Cruise

The Danube daytime cruise is for an hour-fifteen minute. The cruise ends at the Margaret island, where you walk around and uncover the island by yourself. So the Margaret island is surely a place you should visit because of its fascinating attractions such as the beautiful walkways, rosy garden, playgrounds, historic water tower, an open theatre, and others.

During your Danube River cruise in the day, you can stop by this island and have a wonderful time. Apart from Margaret island, you can also view beautiful structures like the Buda Castle, the parliament building, the Chain Bridge, and the Fisherman’s Bastion, among others. There are also hop in hop-off boats, offering a tour around the city.

Ensure that you carry a camera as you can click some wonderful pictures of these sites from the cruise.

The Night Time Cruise

The Danube cruise Budapest also offers an evening cruise around the city. The boat leaves from the central part of the city and moves around the city, showing you the beautiful structures around the river. Audios are being played, telling you the history of the city and videos are played to show you more buildings. For the evening, you can either go for a dining cruise where you enjoy various Budapest delicacies. These dinners are usually accompanied by music or live concerts, coupled with the lights in the city reflecting in the waters. There can’t be a romantic evening than this.

danube cruise budapest

Tips from Danube river cruise experts

Though a cruise on the Danube river can be such an exciting time, at certain times of the year, that experience can be more amazing.

  • The Fall: The best time to go on a cruise on the Danube river is during the fall, in September and October. This is because of the fair weather during this period. During this period, you can make reservations for a seat in the boat.
  • During Christmas: The Christmas market of the river, with its beautiful lights, is a romantic place you should be. During this period, a cruise on the Danube river is your number one spot.

In conclusion, the Danube cruise Budapest is a wonderful medium for you to view the beautiful structures of Buda and Pest. The boats are in good condition, and you have no reason to worry; the cruise usually lasts for one hour. However, there are different operators, and these operators offer different services. Some of them can offer a dining cruise, while others can offer a cruise accompanied by live concerts and videos. It would be best if you ensure to have a wonderful time on a cruise on the Danube river.