Dubai is a city with endless job opportunities and a high standard of living. Young families are looking for a place to settle down and experience the best quality lifestyle; Dubai has been one of the most popular choices. Finding a good house that is comfortable for the whole family is often the first among the list of ‘to-do’ tasks before moving to Dubai. Dubai rentals are easy to find, and the prices have been coming down in recent years. So, by slightly extending the budget finding even a luxury villa or a penthouse can be easy in Dubai.

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How to find a house for rent?

Start with the most accessible option like scrolling through the listings on popular real estate sites like Fazwaz. This would help shortlist the various options on the go. Numerous real estate agents work without legal licensing. So beware of such agents and choose the reputed ones instead. Understanding the good and bad about the different neighborhoods in Dubai makes it easy to pick the most suitable location. Whether it is for renting a property or even to buy one Dubai Marina has turned out to be one of the most popular areas. Besides the beautiful views, the neighborhood is also one of the busiest spots in the city with all the popular dining and entertainment options. The other high profile destinations for renting are Downtown Dubai, Al Barsha, and Palm Jumeirah. These are the neighborhoods that bring out the true essence of the city and its lifestyle. Once the location is finalized shortlisting the suitable properties becomes even more straightforward.

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What are the options to look into?

Given the endless choices of rental homes in Dubai, renters have always found it easy to get the best bargain on the rental value. Even if the rent of the preferred property happens to be expensive, there are many more options to explore even in the same locality. The fact that there are plenty of new projects that are nearing completion and reaching the handover stage in 2019 expands the pool of rental properties. It also brightens the chances of striking a good deal. Besides the rental rates coming down the increase in the new properties also mean an increase in the availability of properties in all the locations close to the city center as well as in the outskirts. So, even the renters who have a long list of requirements that they look for in their rental property would find it easier to find a home of their choice easily. There are furnished properties that are convenient to move in at short notice. Then there are the unfurnished properties for those who wish to add furniture and personalize the space. In terms of the types of properties, these are the most common ones that are available on rent.

  • Villas which are mostly situated in the outskirts
  • Townhouses
  • Condos and apartments
  • Penthouses

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What is the procedure?

The easiest way to find a local real estate agent who can be trusted is to check the RERA registration of the agent. The other convenient option is to directly get in touch with the landlord by collecting contact information from the property listing page.

Besides checking the photos of the property provided in the listings, it is also essential to physically visit the site. Examination of the condition of the property would help evaluate the rent for the property.

Once the visit is over if the renter decides to finalize the property understanding the tenancy terms in Dubai would be an excellent place to start with. This helps to understand the type of costs that the landlord might be charging the tenant and the rules for the maintenance and repairs of the property during the tenancy tenure.

Online rental calculators are handy tools to ensure that the total price that is paid is a good figure taking the condition of the property, size, facilities and the location of the property into the picture.

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Besides the rent, there are other charges to know about

While calculating the budget for renting a house most people ignore the additional costs incurred. Here are the other expenses to take into account while starting the hunt for a rental property –

  • Fees involved in the contract registration with the Ejari
  • Security deposit amount that the tenant pays to book the property. This is a refundable deposit the landlord returns it at the time of vacation of the property.
  • For those working with real estate agents, there is the fee that the agent charges.
  • DEWA bills are Dubai Electricity and Water Authority bills that the tenant pays from the month of occupation.

Besides, all of these the actual amount that the tenant has to be paid as the district cooling fees should also be added to the rent value.