Luxembourg’s international airport, called Findel, is situated some 5 km (3.5 miles) north-east of the Capital, (49°37′ North, 6°13′ East) at an altitude of 1234 feet. The official web site for Luxembourg Airport. Users may find the Luxair web site of interest, as it lists all flight connections for all airlines to/from Findel airport.

The new lux-airport website  is a must-visit site for all matters relating to Luxembourg airport! It offers all relevant information, including how to get to Luxembourg Airport , flight arrivals/departures , airport parking , and much more, e.g. virtual tour of the new airport, shops, bars, etc.

Airport Connections

• A City bus No. 16 is your regular public transport option to reach the City Centre and Railway station.
It runs at intervals of 15-20 minutes throughout the day and takes about 30-45 depending on traffic. Cost: 1.50 €
As is explained on our public transport page, this ticket is valid for 2 hours on the public transport network.
The bus driver can also sell you a day ticket for 4 €.

The timetable and itinerary (in pdf) is on the Luxembourg City web site (scroll down the list to route No 16!)
The City bus service is also at or tel: (+352) 4796-2975 for city bus info and tel: (+352) 4990-4990 for national/country bus info.

• Numerous taxis are available just outside the airport building.
Expect to pay about 15 to 25 € for a journey to the railway station or the city centre, depending on time of day and traffic (taxis are metered, though there is an airport surcharge)
Supplements (cumulative!):
Night tariff (10p.m. to 6 a.m.): +10%;
Sunday: +25% (all day);
2nd bag: 0.75 €
Journey time: ± 10-15 minutes

• “Omnibus-Verkehr Becker” runs a bus service called “Airport Liner” to and from Trier in Germany.
Journey time to Trier: ~ 40 minutes. Cost: 12 € (adults) / Return Saver ticket (2 Adults + 2 children): 37 €
We would advise passengers wishing to use this service that these buses do not operate every day, and will only run if there is a booking for the service, hence we urge prospective travellers to book their trips in advance.
Further information and booking on Tel: +49 (0) 651 – 94 275, or fax: +49 (0) 651 94276 , email

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