The legend of cruising on the Mediterranean Sea is certainly an extraordinary and thrilling experience for anyone irrespective of whether she or he is coming for the first time or not. The Mediterranean is that part of our Earth where life has gained the form of a slow, peaceful flow facilitating its loving visitors to soak in its natural as well as historical attractions. It goes without saying that these are best explored via the luxury Mediterranean cruises.

Wish for an Egyptian adventure? Excited for an Italian passion? Dreaming of the Roman delight? Imagining a trip to the France Riviera? Well, all these expectations are met by any of the famous luxury Mediterranean cruises that will take one to a wealthy as well as variety of sights right from antiquities of ancient cities of Rome, Ephesus, and Athens up to the sandy beaches of the French Riviera. I have to accept that a cruise explorer gets a unique opportunity of discovering a wide array of tours for gaining full satisfaction irrespective of whether she or he is there on the board for the first time.

Monaco harbor, Monte Carlo

Monaco harbor, Monte Carlo

The luxury Mediterranean cruises mostly take you on a tour of the western as well as eastern regions of the water body in case if the itinerary is short. On the other hand, if the journey is long, then it does not mind sailing the stretching Mediterranean at all. Moreover, a luxury cruise is on smaller ships, but the service is definitely of a high level for which it naturally charges more including all-inclusive pricing for shore discoveries, drinks, and sometimes even airfare. Talking about the western Mediterranean cruises, they mostly start at the ports of France, Spain, and Italy including a visit to the harbors in Morocco, Monaco, Portugal, or Tunisia. On the other hand, the eastern Mediterranean cruises include Greece, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, or Ukraine. Want to tour the sacred Nile and Israel? Well, then you need to go for the Holy Land cruises that includes the Eastern Mediterranean cruise ports too.


Certain luxury Mediterranean cruises are only meant for the Greek islands. Such a cruise gives you a chance to explore a few most interesting as well as fascinating ports on the planet such as Santorini, Corfu, Crete, Olympia, Rhodes, and Mykonos. You will just love to discover its shiningly clean beaches, churches with blue domes, splendid antiquities, great ancient ruins, and white edifices on any Greece cruise. And guess what? If you are interested in shopping, then you will be in air by purchasing items of lowest price offers. I don’t think that anywhere else on this planet will you find a perfect cruise that blends several flavors, historic heritages, and a myriad of cultures perfectly. And to forget that with the attractions, you will be easily soaked in its amazing vistas as you proceed far away into the Sea along with the fun guide. No matter which luxury Mediterranean cruise you choose, your each morning will bring a new world in front of you and that the remaining day goes relaxing on this floating resort well equipped with the meals, accommodations, and entertainment mediums.

Best time

Despite the fact that you can sail anytime, the best season for luxury Mediterranean cruises is from April to October.


Yachts of Seaborn

The purpose of Seaborn is to offer a cruising experience with the private yacht. This is known for its several Mediterranean cruises that take you on a memorable trip of at least 7 days and maximum up to 30 days. Many cruises depart from Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome, Monte Carlo, Athens, Venice, and Istanbul. Cruise vessels like the Seaborn Legend and Seaborn Spirit can accommodate 208 passengers, but the Odyssey holds up to 450 people. Do visit

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

This line offers a plethora of options with the vacation of 7 to 23 days. Cruise vessels depart from Athens, Rome, Istanbul, Venice, and Monte Carlo of which many are just for longer cruise trips meant for those who desire to make up for a multi-month sailing journey with the Mediterranean stops. Vessels like the Seven Seas Mariner and Voyager can hold 700 passengers all of whom need to be in dress code: stylishly casual. Check out more at

Silversea Cruises

The Silversea Silver Cloud, holding 296 people, is the choice of high comfort and service for 7 to 12 days. The cruise departs out of Rome, Athens, Venice, Istanbul, or Barcelona. Moreover, many Silversea cruises start also from London. This is certainly a grand resort on water offering a six-star luxury. Do visit

Mediterranean Cruise Ports

  •     Barcelona cruises to explore full of Mediterranean
  •     Monte Carlo cruises between the Mediterranean and Alps taking the route of the picturesque Cote d’Azur
  •     Rome cruises from the Civitavecchia port for a month
  •     Giudecca Canal into Venice cruise