The Mediterranean zone of our planet is loved by many for enjoying a perfectly memorable holiday. However, for those who want endless fun, I would suggest going for sailing on any of the Mediterranean cruises – a fun way to soak onto the sun-drenched shores. Thousands of tourists choose an exciting tour on these cruises so that they can obtain the maximum out of an all-inclusive deal featuring the desired mix of architecture, history, art, food, and beach thrills. Geographically, the Mediterranean is split at Italy into the Eastern (Greece, Italy, Turkey) and Western (Spain, Italy, France) Mediterranean. So, it is obvious that even the Mediterranean cruises are split as per these directions.

Western tours

Those who wish to explore the Western Mediterranean via a cruise; they will get a chance to marvel at the superb art as well as architecture besides alighting at a few of the most stylish cities on the planet. A majority of the Western Mediterranean cruises run from Barcelona or Rome including a round trip. Apart from these two, more Italian ports of call are Sicily; Tuscany (Florence and Pisa); and Naples (Pompeii and Capri). If in France, expect halts Cannes, Nice, and Monaco’s Monte Carlo; while in Spain, the ports of call are Malaga, Balearic Islands, and Barcelona.

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Eastern tours

These cruises are for those who love history, beaches, and culture. Those who desire only relaxation under sun, the best choices for them are the Greek Islands that are no less than a paradise for the sun lovers. In reality, the Eastern Mediterranean cruises offer the best of beach and history. Rome, Athens, and Venice are the standard ports of call. In addition, some more halts along the way can be Italy’s Bari, Croatia’s Dubrovnik and Hvar; Crete, Corfu, Santorini, Greece’s Katakalon, and Rhodes. And before I forget, now a days; even Malta’s Valletta in the Sicily’s south is one more port that is getting famous on the route of Eastern Mediterranean tour.

Best time to go

Although Mediterranean can be explored throughout the year, most of the cruises sail from May to October as per More specifically, summer is the peak time with high charges. Now, these summer months, although peak time, are quite hot where temperature soar as high as up to 80 to 90 degrees. So, I would recommend winter cruises that are available at an affordable price. And yes, temperatures are cool (50 or 60 degrees) and the tours carry fewer crowds.
Cruise lines

There are several major cruise lines that offer tours during the peak season, while some of them also offer throughout the year. The cruise lines for the Mediterranean region are Windstar, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean International, Princess Cruises, Holland America, Orient Line, Siversea, Oceania Cruises, Radisson Seven Seas, Seabourn, Cunard Line, and Costa Cruises.

Duration of cruising

While deciding this, just bear in mind that you will be exploring a few greatest towns on the planet along with experiencing many exciting activities. From trekking the Pompeii ruins to diving at one of the beaches, you really have much to do and see. So, it would be wise to decide for more than 5-day sailing. In fact, a majority of the Mediterranean cruises are for 7 to 14 days and offer port hotel packages.