Launched in June 2010, Norwegian Cruise Line Epic successfully projected its own new innovations amidst its own weather proudly – The first Blue Man Group, studio cabins, translucent bathrooms, and ice bar at the sea! This revolutionary ship is giant, flashy, and gallant; but mixed opinions tend to prevail over its victory. However, a majority of the tired travelers that also include the gays confess that this 19-deck cruise is really a wonder with several things to do for the passengers including the Nickelodeon for the kids.

There are some pros and cons of the Norwegian Cruise Line Epic. While it is recommended for its game-changing Studio staterooms with the Living Room that sell quickly than the other cabin class, it is not liked for its smokiness that is not defended here at all. The extensive square casino in the middle of the three-story atrium where there are several entertainment venues including the restaurants is stinking despite of the air purifiers that fail in front of unbearable crowd.

On the other side, the best unique feature of the cruise is its balcony staterooms featuring curving walls instead of the typical lozenge boxes. As these free-form walls seem to roll from front to back, a few sections appear wider than the rests; which reveal a pleasant effect stressed by other characteristics such as hidden LED lighting, dark wood trim, big back-lit ceiling fittings as a ‘domed’ effect, and the color of the Earth tone. However, not everything thing is at its 100% – beds are short and staterooms are small; but still a pleasant atmosphere is never a fail here.

But, no doubt, that entertainment is at its peak here. There are many typical venues all sprinkled throughout the ship. The Epic Theater for 681 seaters housing the Blue Man Group along with the enticing Legends in Concert is the main draw here. Eating is not a problem at all here with over 20 freestyle-dining restaurants ensuring you get a variety both in terms of menu and surroundings morning, afternoon, and night while you stay on the Norwegian Cruise Line Epic. Gladly, the Garden Café buffet is also the main pull along with the delicious pizzas.

A lot of eating choices are free on the board: Taste in a cool space, The Manhattan Room as an Art-Deco space overlooking the wake, Garden Café as the buffet restaurant offering different cuisine, The Great Outdoors on the ship deck for pizza and salads, Spice H2O offering snacks, Atrium Cafe for desserts, and The Epic Club for the villas and suites guests.

One of the cons of the ship is its in-stateroom traditional bathrooms as a separate space with all amenities. When you enter your room, a shower or bathtub is at your one side featuring a gliding glass door, while the other has a small booth housing a toilet with a sliding glass door as well as a curtain for privacy. Beyond this are the medicine booth and sink. This arrangement was hoped to facilitate the usage by two or more people without lining up, but that doesn’t work. The sinks with a small bowl as well as gooseneck faucet splatters over the edge when turned full irrespective of how careful you may be. So, it is difficult to maintain the floor dry. Further, the “in-cabin” shower and toilet coats the ceiling of cabin in condensation making everything very unpleasant.

Next, the winding corridors on this 1,081 feet long vessel that really will make you lost due to the absence cuts to the lifts and stairwells. In short, one needs to be in the right direction otherwise a lot of stroll is inevitable. But, the general layout will never make you feel confused.

The Spa on the board has to be one of the best, but it is a bit short to that marl only because of the crowd. Despite being 31,000 square feet that is among the largest in the cruise industry and offering hydrotherapy, locker rooms, sun deck, and thermal suite; the spa become so crowded that one seeks relaxation somewhere else. Above all, the service is excellent that is at the consistently high level of service. Even if you are alone, you will be ensured extra attention always.