People travel for many reasons. For some, it’s the necessity of work or business. For others, traveling is the greatest joy of their lives as they seek to see new places and share in new experiences. Regardless of why you are traveling, there are enormous personal benefits to be gained from the experience.


.   Traveling will expand your horizons in ways you will never understand until you experience them. You will see people, lifestyles, sights and sounds that you will never see if you stay at home for your entire life. Travel with an open mind and you will forever see the world differently.

.   Traveling will make you appreciate your home and your everyday world as never before. You may see a better world when you travel, or you may see a world that is not so pretty. Either way, you will find the need for change or the acceptance of contentment from your experiences.

.   Travel will help you to understand your place in the world. You learn to understand more how you interact with your community, your country and your overall place in the global scheme of things. You will never be a small-town thinker again.

.   You will learn much more about the world in your travels than you were ever able to learn from a textbook. Reading about different cultures and experiencing different cultures are completely different concepts. You will dispel erroneous myths from your mind when you experience the world firsthand.

.   You will learn to understand and trust strangers and those who have always seemed different from you. You will learn that people have more common ground with each other than differences, and you begin to understand the basic universal human condition. Travelers learn empathy for their fellow citizens of the world.

.   Traveling gives you a break from your current reality. The reason many people give for taking a vacation is to relax and break away from their day-to-day monotony. Traveling not only takes you away from your routine, but it also gives you a new vision of what reality can be. The person who returns from their travels is not the same person who left.

.   Extensive travelers tend to be more resourceful because they have been forced to learn to make adjustments when necessary. They experience different living situations and a variety of changes in their journeys. They face problems with a more open mind and anticipate change because they have learned to cope with change.

.   Travelers have a world of memories and experiences they would never have acquired by staying home all their lives. At the end of a life of travels, there is little need for regrets and wondering what might have been.


More than anything else, traveling will make you realize that your life is a miraculous, wonderful gift. Experiencing the sights, sounds and cultures of the world will open your eyes to the gifts of the world around you right at home, especially if you are lucky to get a 15% off seat sale for your vacation. You will see the world with new eyes, and you will never be the same again.