A cruising vacation is always enchanting for all of us, but holidays on any of the Royal Caribbean ships are a perfect gateway to not only relaxation, but also to escapade. Through them, you get a chance to explore the different destinations from another angle where joy, luxury, and comfort unlike the backpacking adventures embrace you all the time. In this article dedicated to the Royal Caribbean ships, I will share with you some of the ‘my ways’ to enjoy on the ship without any distraction.

A holiday for sailing the seas on these ships is not only confined to dress up well and sit in one of the deck corners to read your favorite novel and enjoy. In fact, this is where you can have all the fun of which 99% is missed if you just lounge or read. So, the first step towards an exciting vacation on the Royal Caribbean ships is to participate actively – just do not hesitate in getting out of the cabin to explore the activities near the swimming pool, greet new friends, and disco at night.

The Royal Caribbean ships are one of those cruises that schedule activities for the people all ages. So, ensure that you know the schedule and take your pick for those which are promising to you. If you want some adventure excursions, you will be surely not disappointed as a dose of such thrill is tasted on some prefixed ports of call where each port will seem to more enchanting than the previous with the unique sounds, sights, and sniffs.

On the board, you will be surprised to know that you will hardly have any time to relish quietly in your own cabin. This is because of the plenty of things to do on the ship, which demand enough time from you. These activities include watching movies, dancing at the disco, indulging in sumptuous dinners, competing via sports, and tasting champagne directly under the shinning moonlight. And yes, it goes without saying that you need to bring your camera with you for taking your pictures.

When you first board the ship, do not rush, but relax in the tub for high spirits. Let your tiredness leave you as long as you are on the cruise and calm down for preparing yourself for an array of activities on deck. One of the best parts of these ships is that they feature flexible dining schedule. Select your time for ‘My Time Dining’ for relishing the ambience of a classy dinner style. If children are there, obtain the ‘Family Time Dining’ where your small ones can Lunch and Play. As a tip, ensure that you do these bookings before you are on board. And yes, do carry a few munchies if you are with those who are used to midnight snacks.

The dress code for dinning and living on the Royal Caribbean ships is strict, which is applicable to young children as well. However, casual nights are also on schedule on these ships when the dress code must include a jacket as well as ties for men and smart dresses for women. On your cruise, you will witness three evening types: smart casual, casual, and exciting formal. This means that you need to carry your sport shirts, pants, slacks, and sundresses. The big formal nights would feature suits, ties, and tuxedo with party shoes and jewelry. On a 10 to 13 nights cruise, carry formal wears to reveal a celebrity look, while for 3 to 4 night cruise, only one formal is required. For children, jeans, shorts, and flip-flops are banned for dinners.

From the second day on your ship, start making new friends and start to enjoy with them on the third day to enrich your experience. As the ship halts on ports of call, just get down, catch some pictures, and shop trinkets with the local currency with the new friends as it is really full of fun to do so.