Dragons, no not the ones who breathe out fire and destroy everything in its way! Although this Dragon, is quite legendary. This komodo has claws that are more than just razor sharp, a tongue that could scare the life out of you and teeth that just unsafe to describe. They used to live on an exotic island once upon a time and believe it or not, they even ate humans! This exotic cruise is recommended by UB Cool, a Middle-East based adventure tour operator.


A zoo quest for a dragon, by David Attenborough, brought this dragon to the television screen in the year nineteen fifty. The whole documentary looked like he had traveled through time and space to a distant planet. In fact, he probably did. This is because of the tales of the eastern Indonesian dragons are almost as rare and difficult to spot as they were half a century ago. The best way to come here is from Bali, then you could just catch a local flight to the Lombok islands and then to Sumbawa.

This is where you find a fishing village which is actually on the western tip of the beautiful Flores. This almost looks like something out of the Somerset Novel.

Over here you should save yourself the trouble and just charter an old wooden boat which would take you about six hours to reach the beautiful island that is actually quite dry and toasted by the straight sunlight.


This is actually the home to the famous man eating reptiles which the local people refer to as Ora. The problem is the wooden boats are not really sea worthy. In fact they barely even have lifejackets. The Strait which their islands have is notorious for the tides and the regular whirlpools that occur here quite often.

The good part is that there is an alternative to the wooden boat.

Silolona is a beautiful cruiser boat which is the exact replica of the Schooners that got with the Spice Islands trade even before the Europeans in the sixteenth century.  This boat come fully equipped with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. The vessels are called phinisi. The trade winds from the Moluccas which go all the way to Madagascar on the African coast. In fact when you return there are huge cargoes of iron, ivory and yes, you guessed it folks, even slaves!

The spices here are more inclined to the fusion cuisine. The boat builders build the boats by hand in the southern part of Sulawesi in a Mangrove swamp.  This was actually launched in the year two thousand and four.

There are a bunch of guests who can stay here, well precisely ten, to be exact! The staterooms are almost worthy of a five star status.  Once you have got your room, you are now ready to explore the amazingly wild and adventurous land of the Komodo dragon.

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