The all-inclusive resort can be a great vacation choice for the right person. The typical all-inclusive resort includes your room, food and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for one tidy price. Also, many resorts and travel websites allow you to book airfare and airport transfers together with the price of the resort, further simplifying the process. Before you book your all-inclusive, here are some things to consider:

Cost v. Luxury

For many all-inclusive resorts, you must trade luxury for cost-efficiency. Most All-Inclusive resorts do not offer 5 star accommodations. If you are willing to trade 5 star rooms and service for unlimited food and alcoholic beverages, then All-Inclusive may be for you. However, when the exception of a few resort chains (and these will not be the in the bargain bin on travel websites), don’t expect the Ritz Carlton. You also won’t be paying for the Ritz Carlton. If getting a good value is more important than getting a 5 star hotel, an All-Inclusive resort is a great way to go.

Antigua, yachts on Falmouth Bay

Antigua, yachts on Falmouth Bay

What Do You Want To Do When You Get There

One thing to remember with an all-inclusive is that in order to get the most bang for your buck, you will need to stay on the resort. If you plan to go on any excursions or venture off of the resort and explore, you may find yourself incurring additional costs for the excursion, food and drinks.

All-Inclusive v. Super Inclusive

While you will pay significantly more for Sandals and Couples resorts than for some of the other all-inclusive resorts, it may be worth it. Super Inclusive resorts tend to include premium liquor and motorized water sports, as well as better quality food, features that are often not found with basic All-Inclusive resorts. If these features are important, you may consider springing for the super-inclusive.

Read the Reviews

Do not just read the resort’s website. The internet is a fantastic resource to find out what real travelers thought of the resort you are considering. Websites like, and have tons of reviews from people just like you who have actually stayed at the resort. Many reviewers post there photos and offer invaluable advise and an unbiased opinion. Be sure to read the reviews at on hotels before you book your hotel.

Mexico, Cancun Lagoon

Mexico, Cancun Lagoon

If you do decide to go with an all-inclusive resort, rest assured that no matter the quality of your resort, you will probably soon find yourself in a beautiful, sunny locale. Even a crappy hotel in paradise is still paradise!